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About Us

We are revolutionizing the way people look at Premium Accessories shopping in our Incredible country. We’re devoted to establish a successful company with a loyal customer following.

There are many websites who claim to be the First and the most Premium Accessories store online in India, so We won’t say that but prove this to each and every customer.


Our primary goal is to establish a brand simply by selling only Premium Quality Products and giving you the best online shopping experience ever. Short and Simple. Because We believe, Simple is Beauty!


We sell Premium Quality Phone Accessories including Cases, Covers, Tempered Glass, Screen guards, Cables, Wireless Chargers, Car chargers, Power Banks and iWatch accessories from around 50+ Top brands on our portal. we bank on a good collection of products with ample variety.


First and the foremost, You’ll never get a Fake (duplicate) product from Gadgets Mink. We promise that! if you buy one product from us, you’ll never go to any other website (or shop) for your any future Accessories need. Bet!

We’re so confident because We don’t do - show this and send that. We hate this strategy as much as you do. Despite knowing the fact that, many websites doing exactly this thing and causing problems for genuine sellers as well as customers, but Sir, this is the world and We’ll know every kind of people lives here, and We want can’t do anything about them! but We surely can do one thing, We can promise you to deliver exactly what you’ve seen and ordered from our website.

After all, these days phone cases are not only for the protection of the phone but it reflects your personality, it's a style statement. You wear your cover more often than your favourite outfits. And We totally understand, it should be Great.


Consumer gets an absolute authenticity guarantee with our promise to return full price of the product for any lapse in our judgment of a fair deal. And this is not just a written statement to convince you for placing an order, but will be followed religiously to keep intact the company's repute, which is supreme!

We are totally aware of the fact, that, if We will keep our Customers Happy, they will make us Happy. What else the World need!