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Blaze Power Smart USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable

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Experience fast and reliable charging with the Blaze Power Smart USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable. Compatible with the latest devices, this cable offers efficient charging and data transfer. Say goodbye to tangled cords and power up your devices with ease.


  • Material: Zinc alloy+Nylon.
  • Brand: Baseus.
  • Interface: Type C to iPhone (Lightning).
  • Compatible with: iPhone 8 to 14 Series All Model.
  • Transmission rate 480Mbps.
  • Output Power: 20W (5A/20V).
  • Intelligent chip, automatic power-off after full charge, ensuring the safety.
  • The length of the cable is 1m/2m.
  • It comes with 6 months replacement warranty period.


Ultra-Fast Charging 
Delivers rapid charging speeds to quickly power up your devices.

Fast Charging Indicator
Incorporate a small LED light on the connector end that changes color to indicate when fast charging is active, providing users with instant feedback on the charging status.

Temperature Control 
Integrate temperature monitoring technology within the cable to prevent overheating during prolonged charging sessions, enhancing safety and prolonging the lifespan of both the cable and the connected devices.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, ensuring versatility.

High-Speed Data Transfer: Facilitates fast data syncing between your devices for efficient file transfers.

Durable Construction: Built with premium materials to enhance durability and withstand daily wear and tear.